What is a Crypto Credit/ Debit Card?

Let us start you off with the basics, and what each type of card can deliver for you, based on what you would like to achieve having one.

The main difference between debit and credit cards is that in the first case you have your own money and in the second you use someone else’s money. Sometimes it may be more appropriate to use a credit card instead of debit card. You will need to check the terms and make the best decision for you.

Crypto Credit Card

Crypto credit cards work on a remarkably similar basis to regular bank credit cards. When you need money to buy crypto, but do not have enough in your account, you can borrow from a financial institution. Of course, you need to pay back in agreed time with some additional taxes and interests.

Crypto Debit Card

The crypto debit cards are almost the same as the real debit cards. The only difference is that they let you buy and sell cryptocurrencies, which is not always possible with regular bank debit cards. Again, you need to be careful about the taxes that you must pay and to choose the one that best fits the selected transaction.

Features & Fees

In comparison to the regular credit and debit cards, the crypto cards differ with saucey features and even saucer fees. Take a peek down below:


Automatic currency conversion

The crypto cards automatically transfer your cryptocurrency into the fiat needed. Depending on the card you choose, be it VISA or MasterCard supported, you will either get what you want, what you have or what you need at the current situation transferred from crypto to fiat currency tax-free.

Purchase items and withdraw cash using Bitcoin via ATM (even if the ATM does not support Bitcoin yet)

Thanks to the automatic currency conversion, the VISA or MasterCard supported crypto debit and credit cards allow you to use every ATM seamlessly.

No credit checks

In contrast to the regular credit or debit card, you do not need to provide personal information and keep fingers crossed, hoping you will “pass” the bank check for credit score. With crypto cards you do not claim credit, you just upload your own balance.

The Rewards

A common thing for crypto credit and debit cards is the vast last of specific crypto (and not only) rewards the user can gain, while using the particular card. It is a true amusement going over all the top crypto credit and debit cards on the market, checking on all their colorful rewards. And just to make clear, “Refer a friend” is not even a starter here, it comes with the welcome drink. It is a path worth taking, dig in!


Depending on the provider you chose, the crypto credit and debit card fee may vary. Thanks to the vast and fast-paced market, the majority now aim for “No fee” options. However, it is not a goal we would set from a bird-eye point of view. Anyway, there are plenty of great working “no fee” options, eliminating the possibility of harming the market, speaking of “no administration fee”, “no transaction fee” etc. getting up to just flat fees, which is a decision maker for many users.

By all means, compared to regular credit and debit cards, the crypto cards have lowered the fee down to a significantly low percentage, which is also one of their USPs. Check on the different options of the best crypto debit and credit cards currently available on the market below:

The Best Crypto Debit and Credit Cards for 2022

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A glance beyond the horizon

Like with most innovations, there are always people who are looking few steps ahead and bringing the familiar and the modern together. There are already projects for crypto credit cards that promise effortless payments with no annual and payments fees, cashback, and cryptocurrency rewards on every purchase. Yes, a little far out, but Gemini (with the help of Mastercard) are working on this product, and it is almost live.

We hope that delivery of such projects will broaden the perspective of this market and allow more players to enter the scene, so that we diversify and decentralize these products for a broader audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us go over a few basic questions, in case you were wondering:

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